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    Welcome to 5th Grade Math

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It's okay to not know, but it's not okay to not try! :]





I am so excited to be starting my second year at DeKalb!


This is beginning my 9th year of teaching & 8th year as a 5th Grade Math teacher! 



This year we will be studying the following units:


Unit 1- Extending Whole Number Operations


Unit 2- Algebraic Reasoning


Unit 3- Financial Literacy


Unit 4- Extending Decimals


Unit 5-Decimal Multiplication & Division


Unit 6- Addition & Subtraction of Fractions


Unit 7- Multiplication & Division of Whole Numbers with a Fraction


Unit 8- Geometry & Measurement


Unit 9- Patterns on a Coordinate Plane


Unit 10- Representing Data


Unit 11-  Making Connections


Unit 12- Essential Understandings of Decimals


Unit 13- Essential Understandings of Fractions

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