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Lynn Hodges


Mrs. Hodges' Class


I will teach Math to all second graders.  Math is nothing but a puzzle, and puzzles are fun!  Math is such an important subject throughout your child's whole career in school.  It is important that your child have a positive experience in math.  In order for this to happen he or she HAS to learn their math facts!  Every chance you have, please quiz your student over basic math facts.  A great way for a child to learn is to post math flashcards throughout your house.  Post them inside kitchen cabinets, on the closet door, in the car on the visor, all sides of the refrigerator, on the bathroom mirror, and in bedrooms.  It is surprising how the brain associates numbers with inanimate objects!  As students try to pull the math fact from memory, it is connected to the object it is imprinted with!  Make up your favorite fact family (7+8=15, 8+7=15, 15-8=7, 15-7=8) and make it a family joint effort.









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