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Daily Schedule







Daily Schedule

Note: I will see each class for thirty minutes, once every three days.  If I see your student on Monday, they won't be back in my class again until Thursday. Thus, one class's due date may be Monday while another's is Wednesday.  It is a rotating schedule.




8:00--8:30       Fourth Grade
8:30--9:25       Conference
9:25--9:55       2nd Grade
9:55--10:50      Office/Webpage Duties
10:45--11:15     1st Grade
11:15--12:10     Cafeteria Duty
--12:40     Lunch
12:40--1:10      3rd Grade
1:20--1:50       Kindergarten
1:50--2:50       Eduphoria/Office/Webpage
2:50--3:30       Gifted and Talented

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