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Senior Information

Important Dates

Monday, September 10th - Mr. Robert Webb will visit with seniors

Monday, September 17th - Mr. Webb will speak to senior parents @ 6 pm in the Library

Thursday, September 20th  - Christian College Fair, Texarkana, AR 6:30-8:30 pm (Students attend on their own.)

Friday, September 28th – Deadline (late registration until Oct. 14th) for the October 27th ACT Test

Wednesday, October 3rd - Brittany Baker, TAMU-T Rep in class

Tuesday, October 9thPeggy, Lincoln Tech class presentation

Monday, October 15th - Whitney Hall, SAU Rep in class

Wednesday, October 24th - FREE ASVAB test- 1st-4th periods

Thursday, October 25th - College Fair @ Texarkana College;

         (More information to Follow!)

Monday, October 29th -S.Sgt Caleb Ingram, Army National Guard

Monday, November 5th - Mr. Webb will host FAFSA Night for seniors and parents @ 6 pm in the Main Computer Lab



Monday, May 6th- Academic Scholarship Program @ 2 pm in the Gym

Friday, May 17th - Last Day for Seniors

Wednesday, May 22nd – 8:30 am, FUMC Breakfast

                                         9:45 am, Senior Walk       

                                         10 am, Required Graduation Practice

                                         12 pm, FBC Luncheon

                                          7pm Baccalaureate Service, Location TBA

Friday, May 24th - Graduation @ 7pm in the Gym




This is the letter in the senior booklet they receive at the beginning of school.



Dear Students and Parents,


This booklet is to assist you in exploring opportunities beyond high school.  Use it as a guide for your selection and admission to a college, financial aid procedures, and occupational outlooks.


It is important to realize the responsibility for your college decision, application, and enrollment rest with you and your family.  Students should make every effort to complete all necessary forms and meet deadlines.  The role of the counselor is to guide and support you through this process.  I will gladly assist you with submitting transcripts and letters of recommendation. 


Information of importance to you concerning scholarships, career opportunities, and college visitation days will be announced through newsletters, the DHS Counselor website, DISD Facebook Page, DISD website and visits I make to your Government/Economics class.  It is also important for students to listen to daily announcements over the intercom system. 


In November, parents will be invited to a financial aid workshop to assist them with completing appropriate forms for federal financial aid.  This is a process that will be completed on the internet and parents will use the previous year’s income tax information.


Parents contact me at (903) 667-2422, ext. 2003 or email me at  if you have any questions.  I look forward to assisting each of you this year.


Good Luck,



Lea Dooley


DeKalb High School


                     Student Athletes                        

Are you considering playing a sport at the college level?

If yes, then there are certain steps that you must take so college coaches can talk with you about their program; and, you will be eligible to play at the college level.

How does the prospective student-athlete apply?

  • At the end of their Junior year or beginning of their Senior year, a student athlete may apply online with the NCAA Clearinghouse
  • Follow directions on the web site above to create an account and complete the registration.   Payment- The Eligibility Center accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. If you are a U.S. resident, you can choose to pay by electronic check. Some individuals may qualify to apply for a fee waiver. (If eligible for a fee wavier, notify the counselor for this submission.)
  • Counselor will send official transcripts.
  • Code 9999 sends ACT/SAT scores to the NCAA Clearinghouse



College Days

Every senior receives a total of 2 college days


  1. Fill out a College Day request form from Ms. Tish at least 1 week prior to the date of the college day.
  2. Bring back a letter from the office of advising/student services stating that you visited the campus. 


Top 10 Things for Seniors to KNOW and DO

  1. PREPARE for you future after graduation
  1. Take a college entrance test- ACT or SAT(if you excel in math): scores are important for college admission and scholarships.
  2. Enlist in the military
  3. Develop job skills and a resume if planning to enter the workforce
  4. Display good behavior, attitudes, and respect.  This will help others when you request letters of recommendation.  Saying “Please and Thank You” to those who help you along the way this year and in the future can make a positive impression.
  5. Practice using good manners.  This behavior will help you open doors and gains you information.
  1. ATTEND local College Day in Texarkana.  Talk with college representatives and military recruiters.  Ask questions, know your class rank, and ACT scores.
  2. VISIT college campuses.  You have one college day each semester for visits or ASVAB tests for the military.  (SEE MS. Tish TO REQUEST A COLLEGE DAY AT LEAST A WEEK IN ADVANCE!)   Explore campuses on the web and take a virtual tour.
  3. APPLY early and meet college application and scholarship deadlines.  Most college applications are online. (Most Texas Colleges and Universities use ApplyTexas.)  BE AWARE OF DEADLINES!!!
  4. Have someone (or several) look over your application and essays!!!**

Remember it is a nice gesture for you to write a thank you note to an organization or individual that awards you a scholarship.Have your parents inquire if their employment or church awards scholarships.

  1. MEET requirements.  If planning to attend a college or university in Texas, you must meet the Texas Higher Education Assessment requirement in English and Math. 

If you scored a 1)4000 on both the EOC Alg 1 and English 2 OR 2) Composite score of “23” on ACT with a “19” on both the English and Math you are exempt from further testing. 3) Met college readiness standards in CP Math and/or CP English. (This only qualifies you if you attend TC or TAMU-T.)

If you did not meet the above scores then you will need to sign up to take the TSI Assessment exam at Texarkana College (or the college/university you will be attending) before you begin college classes.

  1.  READ the monthly senior newsletters from the counselor and check the counselor web page periodically for updates.  I am here to assist you but it is your responsibility to complete and mail all necessary forms. 
  2. SIGN-UP on the clip board outside my office if you have questions and I am not available. I also respond quickly to email, .   For letters of recommendation, I will need to know the name and address of the organization receiving the letter.  (You may also ask teachers, coaches, Mr. Little, etc. for letters but please give them at least a week notice.)
  3. INFORM your parents!!!  Your parents will need their 2017 income tax information to fill out your financial aid (FAFSA) application.  They will also be invited to a parent meeting to assist them with filling out the FAFSA.  The FAFSA application is FREE and located at  Some scholarships are based on financial need, but MOST scholarships will require you to complete the FAFSA.


  1. PASS your classes and EOC tests to receive a high school diploma.  You will need to keep your GPA’s and weighted averages solid so avoid getting “senioritis”!!!  Failing a class could cause you to not graduate and low grades can result in a significant change of class rank.


  1. CELEBRATE At approximately 9:00pm, May 24, 2019 you will be a DHS Graduate!!!  You can toss your cap, pose and smile with your diploma, family and friends, and take your first step into your future.