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Artemis I Moon Tree

Artemis I Moon Tree

🚀🌲 Exciting news, DeKalb ISD! We're thrilled to announce the arrival of our very own Artemis I Moon Tree, thanks to the incredible efforts of Mr. Sciara. This remarkable loblolly pine tree was grown from a seed that traveled to the Moon and back during the historic November 16, 2022–December 11, 2022 mission. Can you believe it? This seed journeyed farther than any spacecraft designed for humans has ever gone, embarking on a 25 ½ day voyage beyond the Moon and returning to Earth.

Artemis I marked the beginning of an exciting series of missions aimed at enabling human exploration on the Moon and paving the way for future missions to Mars. And guess what? DeKalb ISD was selected as one of only 50 institutions across 48 contiguous U.S. states to receive this incredible artifact.

Behind this amazing achievement lies a rigorous selection process. Over 1300 applications were reviewed jointly by the NASA Office of STEM Engagement and the USDA Forest Service. It was our outstanding education impact statement and tree care plan that distinguished our application as a top candidate.

And now, thanks to Mr. Sciara, our moon tree has found its new home right here at the DeKalb Administration Building. It's more than just a tree—it's a symbol of our connection to space exploration and the spirit of exploration that drives us forward. Let's celebrate this incredible addition to our community and look forward to the adventures it represents! 🌳🌌


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